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GoCarts RobJon 1999.jpg (67055 bytes)



 Me and my way cool Bro! --just enjoying life



arthur.jpg (96580 bytes)



 My friend and former co-worker, Arthur F. --taught me a lot and was highly entertaining



CindyRobInVegas1999.jpg (77347 bytes)Cindy&Rob1997.jpg (81061 bytes) Me and Mom

 --recently in Vegas, and in '97 at a summer picnic





LeoKateRob 1999.jpg (68568 bytes) Leo, Kate, & Me 

 --O.K. we're not friends, but I think they're great.




Johnfisheye.jpg (82860 bytes) My brother-in-law, John

 he's great... no really, he's great!





MomDad.jpg (21855 bytes) Mom & Dad

 --way back in the '60's.





Rob Joe Tina August1974.jpg (93043 bytes) Me, Uncle Joe, & my sister Tina

 --we were cooler than the Brady Bunch.





RobworkingatCameraMart.jpg (111021 bytes) Some former "Camera Mart, Inc" customers and me

  --yeah... um... I don't work there anymore. I really enjoyed working there though, most of the time.




Brian&Rob.jpg (76646 bytes) Brian, Me, and our scope

 --at the McMath-Hulbert Solar Observatory





BrianKristi in field 1999.jpg (53847 bytes) Brian and Kristi

 --out standing in their field.






sleddingRobAmyKristiBrian1990.jpg (83783 bytes)sledding2000AmyRobKristiBrian.jpg (124955 bytes) Me, Amy, Brian, & Kristi

 --still the same, after all these years.






AmyOscar.jpg (151733 bytes)Hey_mister-amy_on_roof.jpg (136741 bytes)Amy_statefair_pigs.jpg (146098 bytes)Amyneartrees_spring_1999.jpg (55892 bytes)



Amy_and_leaves.jpg (315638 bytes)AmyKerby.jpg (97341 bytes)  Amyinyard_spring_1999.jpg (61502 bytes) My lovely wife--friend for life.







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